Friday, October 12, 2012

More Halloween and a few cross stitch!

Thank you so much for all those nice things you said about my Halloween decorating.  I look forward to doing it each year.  Autumn has always been my favorite season.  I have so many happy memories of Halloween as a child!(Way back in the 50"s)!!!!! We could trick-or-treat alone and eat home made candies with no worries. Oh well, I think I'm sounding old!! Today I have included pictures of the rest of the front yard and porch, as well as the dining room and a few more cross stitch.  Thanks again for joining me!

 I showed these orange whisker pansies before.  Here they are planted with my black pansies.

 That's a better view of the black one.

 I have had this witch for many years.  She does need a new hat!

 This is on the porch between the two wicker chairs.(Notice the little coffee cup).

 This is the SBA's(Super Blog Assistant-he adds the photos) specialty-a very large spider web between the porch posts.

 Welcome to the dining room.  The girls are ready for the big day!(A Folkmanis puppet given to me for Christmas by my DD and SIL).

 My DH bought this for me at a craft fair many years ago in Ohio. She sits in my wonderful antique high chair. I love this chair because it is so well worn.  You can just imagine all the little ones who sat in this chair.

 A recent gift from the SBA's sister in law and brother.

 The dining room table.

 A PS I did many years ago. I probably used the recommended floss and linen for both of the PS designs.

 I love the little old rhyme on this PS.  It hangs in the Powder room.(Sorry it is a bit blurry).
I hope all of you have a wonderful week-end.  We are supposedly getting much needed rain!  Today really feels like fall!


  1. More Spooktacular decor
    Love the pansie... So halloweenish
    Love the PS pieces also
    Rainy day tomorrow=stitchy day

  2. Boohoo have a very nice spooky time.
    I like your deco!
    Hugs from Germany, Gabi

  3. Oh, I'm loving all of the pics of your Halloween decor.
    Those orange and black pansies are gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. i have that same witch puppet. i used to play with her all the time when my kids were small. i can't get those pansies here. everything looks great!

  5. Love your orange pansies and your Prairie Schooler pieces ! Witches go riding is my favorite !

  6. Have never seen a black Pansy!!!!!

    Love that old rhyme, hanging in your Power Room.

    Happy Autumn! Happy Halloween!


  7. What a fun house you live in - Spooktacular!

  8. I love your Autumn/Halloween decor!! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Barb, How wonderful and magical all of your decorations are! I love the table with the witches hat, your witches, the stitchings...oh heck, I love it all.

    Happy Halloween!!!

  10. What great pictures! I just love the orange and black pansies together! We had some of the black ones in on pot this year, but I have never seen the whiskered orange ones. I am not sure if we get them up here, but I will be on the lookout next year for them! Love the stitchings!

  11. oooo gorgeous pansies and loved having a wee peek at the inside of your house too all decorated up :) we have started with the landing windows .. will try and remember to take a photo for you :) love mouse xxxxx

  12. Lovely Hallowe'en display Barb and your flower photos are ,as always, gorgeous. That is one of the reasons I love your blog :)

  13. Oh I love your stitching !!
    bisous de FRANCE

  14. I love your Prairie Schooler stitches, I have both in my stash waiting to be stitched.
    And I miss the days of homemade Halloween treats, there are so many cute ideas/recipes out there.

  15. Very nice! How do the holidays sneak up on me like that? By the time I think about it, it's nearly to late to make much of anything.

  16. Great decorations Barb and I LOVE your PS stitching! Classics that never go out of style:)

    Have a good week

  17. A blog after my own heart... love your pretty gardens and all of your spooky Halloween finishes/decor!! I really love the colour changes you made to "The Town of Halloween" too :-) So glad that I found your blog... I'm off to become a follower...