Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Finish and Some Fall Decorating!

Thanks so much to all of you who said such very nice things about Caleb's Halloween project and Laurie's witches! He should have his package by this coming Thurs.  As a little thank you for all the wonderful Woolpets , I stitched Laurie and Kevin  a black cat.  They adopted a little black cat and named her Inky.  So this is in honor of little Inky.  I'm also adding some of my fall decorating.  I hope you all have had a relaxing week-end.  We are suppose to have Indian Summer here this next week.  I think it will be a great time to go out and get some wonderful fall photos!

 A JBW chart stitched with Sullivan's black floss. I'm not sure of the linen.

 From the double glass doors in our kitchen, this is what we see on the deck.

We have a few Japanese Maples in pots out on the deck.

  When you walk in the front door, this desk greets you.  It is one of my very favorite antiques. I tend to decorate it for all holidays.

I really  enjoy this little feather tree.  You see it in almost all of my holiday decorating.  Now it is ready for Halloween!

 Next to the feather tree.

 These little witches got lost on my larger tree.

Thank you so much for joining me today!


  1. Lovely Halloween display, am loving the Japanese Maples you have there, very pretty - Amanda

  2. Sweet black cat stitch. And super decorating. I really like the garland on your feather tree and I adore Japanese Maples.

  3. What a cute black cat you stitched up! Your Halloween decorations look great; love your feather tree. May I ask where you got it?

    Robin in Virginia

  4. Love, love, love the Halloween round boxes!! Where did you get those? I have similar for Yule, but have never seen for Halloween. Love your decorating!

  5. Such a cute stitch for Laurie. I love all your decorations...those little witches are fantastic.

  6. Piękny wystrój! Pierwszy raz widzę ubrane drzewko na Halloween :)

  7. Cute kitty!
    Love your Fall decorations too.

  8. A really lovely Hallowe'en display Barb,I do love the colours that go with this time of the year.Looking forward to seeing your pictures.
    The JBW designs are so clever,lovely finish

  9. Sweet finish! I love black cats. My guys have been all over me since we got home.
    Your fall decorating is gorgeous!

  10. Cute finish ! Love all your Halloween decorations!

  11. What a perfect gift for Laurie and Kevin, Barb. As you know, I have a soft spot for black cats, too :)

    And your Halloween and autumn decorating are wonderful--I really love those round decorated boxes. Do you happen to remember where you got them?

  12. I love little Inky! Thank you so much! I can't wait to add her to the wall of family cross stitched animals!

  13. Love your Halloween decorating - so cool.