The Heron

The Heron

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Good News and More About the Give-Away!

Thanks to the wonderful advice of Honora at the blog"Pondside House" I got rid of the nasty blog posts.  Her blog is very pretty .  I love it because she is very poetic with many of her posts.  Thanks so much Honora!! Now a bit more information on the give away.  The date on the chart is 2003, so it is definitely out-of-print. I forgot to say that I will be drawing the name on Sunday Jan. 26th.  If you would like to be included, please leave a comment on my LAST post. Here is a bit more information.

 I got this chart when the designer was stopping her design business.

 My photo yesterday did not include the cute little saying at the bottom.  I'm stitching that now.

The directions are also given  to stitch this as a cute heart shaped pillow. 

Thanks to all of you who tried to help with my blog issue and good luck with the drawing.


  1. I'm so glad it worked! No one wants ugly trolls hanging about on a dashboard.
    The finished piece is so very pretty!

  2. Thank goodness getting that nastiness taken off!

  3. So good to hear that you could get rid if this nasty person.

  4. Glad that you got everything fixed.
    I guess some people don't have anything better to do.
    Maybe they should take up stitching. :)

  5. Glad that your problem is solved.

  6. Wow, what pretty stitchings! So glad your blog problem is solved. That's never fun...