Saturday, February 8, 2014

Back To Normal- CrossStitch Shopping and Birds!

A big thinks to all of you who enjoyed my football posts! We are now settling back into a normal routine.  We spent 4 days in Arizona. Actually we were there during the Super Bowl.  It was a good trip and I got to go to the Attic Needlework Shop in Mesa.  The DH and his two sisters gave me time to shop till I almost dropped!   We came home to some of the coldest weather of the winter.  We have been busy keeping the bird feeders full.  We are back to the early morning Hummingbird feeder patrol.  This will be the last night to worry about that.  We are suppose to go above freezing starting tomorrow.  This post will show some of the bird's that have been visiting and my goodies from the Attic.  Tomorrow I will share some of the interesting desert photos we got and show you my Olympic stitching project.

 These are threads that I chose to work on the antique sampler.  I gave up on the colors a month ago but I really want to stitch the sampler so hopefully these colors will work.  While at the Attic, I mainly shopped for floss and linen.  I can get charts on line but it is hard to get the colors right.

 I love this chart by  BBD in the book "Sisters."  I wanted to change out the purple look so I did that, the other colors are in my stash.

I got all I need to stitch this BBD design.  I just love it and now I can get it stitched well before next fall.

 Here is the new visitor to the feeder.  We are fairly sure it is a Townsend's Warbler. It loved the suet.

 This bird has a touch of yellow under it's wing.  So far, we haven't identified it.

We all knew this goofy daffodil was blooming way too early!!!!!!!!!! 
Have a wonderful week-end , stay warm, and thanks so much for joining me.


  1. Great looking blog background and blog header. Love the heart pasta in your containers! It looks like you had a super shopping adventure at the Attic.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Great projects to start.
    Love the little birdie pics too.
    Poor, poor Daffodil.

  3. Looks like you've got some great projects to get started on! Love seeing birds with yellow on them.

  4. Love the colors for the stitching! I can't wait and watch the progress. Those birds are such a lovely burst of color, as is the droopy daffodil, but beautiful nonetheless!

  5. Hi, Barb,
    I'm so envious of you getting to go to Attic Needlework! I wish we had a wonderful shop like that around here. But, then again, I would spend too much. Your bird photos are pretty, do you have a good bird book to try and identify with?

  6. Looks like your daffodil is bowing Barb.
    Lovely threads for your sampler,looking forward to your updates.

  7. I bet the second bird is the female version of the first. My friends and I were talking about a road trio to the Attic today! A shop of wonders. Love the colors you chose. Hummingbirds! That will be quite a while for us.

  8. Sounds like a fun trip! I have the BBD pattern too - can't wait!

  9. Glad you had a good trip -- I agree with you - charts you can pick up online but I need to see floss and linen with my own two eyes to get it right. I love the hand dyed threads but there can be so much variation from one skein to another, you really have to see the floss and the linen in combination. Great nature pics -- stay warm!

  10. I'm jealous!! No shops in my area here in Germany! Think I have to go there! LOL!
    Glad you had a wonderful trip!

  11. The heart shaped pasta in your header caught my eye right away. Love it!
    I really like the thread colors you chose for the antique sampler.
    Oh and I'm not a purple lover so whenever I can substitute something else, I do.
    Beautiful birds. We have been watching the bluebirds out back here. Can't wait till Spring!

  12. Love your new projects ! Great bird photos !

  13. Hi Barb! I'm so jealous. I would love to visit Attic Needlworks one day. 'Away We Ride' is on my wishlist. I am going to look watching progress pictures of you stitching it! Congratulation on your team winning.

  14. How exciting that you were able to "shop til you dropped" at The Attic, Barb--lovely new WIPs :)

    I can't believe you have a daffodil already--we are still buried under snow and it's been snowing all day...sigh!

  15. Lovely colors for you sampler reproduction!
    The stash you got for these projects is wonderful. I love Away We Ride.

  16. How great for you to be able to shop til you dropped hihi!
    Lovely stash and I have not seen those Blackbird Design charts before. One more on my shopping-list:)
    Cutest birds!
    Hugs and have fun stitching!

  17. I'm loving your thread colors.. and to get to shop at The Attic Needlework shop! The bird pictures are so pretty!

  18. Lots of fun new work there!
    Any daffodil that dared bloom here this weekend would have been in for a shock!

  19. Hearts wherever you look. That makes me want to stitch a Valentine piece as well. And wow, what a great haul of stash you were buying while staying in Arizona.These pieces are just gorgeous and I love the pictures where the charts are together with the linen and threads and everything is ready to be started. Have fun with your new projects.

    It's lovely to see the first daffodil, even if it's a bit too early.

  20. Love the new colours you chose. The hummingbirds are so sweet.