Monday, June 19, 2017

A Finish and A Party!!

Hi there cloud friends.  I have been really busy.  Much busier than usual.  First of all, we spent a week in Alabama celebrating Hannah's 4th birthday.  Grandpa and I kept her home all week with us plus Caleb was out of school , so it was a busy week of fun filled days.  We live so far from them ,that when we visit we make every minute count.  Needless to say my DH and I came home very tired.  While we were gone, we had some hardwood floors put in our home.  We came home to the great dust bowl.  The floors look great but we have spent every waking minute since we got home getting the house back in shape.  We knew there would be some dust but really had no idea just how much.  I think it was partly because we had them do a stairway that is open to the whole house.
I will do another post to show you my stash.  I was able to get to two shops and added a bit to my stash.  I also got the beautiful frame for my LHN Sampler Houses from Valley House Primitives.  The frame is beautiful.  Now I just have to get my framer (better known as my DH) to spend some time putting it all together.  So I'll start with  some photos of the big party then show you my finish.

 A cake just right for a princess party!!

  Patiently waiting.


 Now for the presents!!

 I loved this design!! It is a BBD chart, Winter is Past. All the blues are so pretty and look really good in my house.  I did use the charted floss but the linen was Lakeside Linen's Vintage Sand Dune.

These two are well worth 10 hours(total) on an airplane!!!!

Thanks so much for joining me today. Have a wonderful week!


  1. What sweet, adorable grandchildren you have Barb. They are definitely worth a ten hour flight. The party looked like fun.

    I look forward to seeing your new stash. Did you find a new cross stitch store there?

    I'm a new follower and will add you to our blog roll. We are having a nice give away if you would like to stop by. RJ @ stitching friends forever.

  2. Aww, your granddaughter is the cutest! I would say the 10 hours crossing the U.S. is worth it. The BBD is gorgeous with those blues in it. I've never seen that design. Can't wait to see the new stash!

  3. Adorable grands. Hope to see the new floors.

  4. What a lovely finish and such sweet grandchildren. I'm sure being tired was well worth it to enjoy their company. I do have one question, though - when the party moved from the dining table to open presents, did the dog enjoy some cake? That picture makes me giggle just thinking of the possibilities.

  5. Hi Barb... your grandchildren are adorable. So glad you got to spend more time with them... Hannah is certainly your little princess, isn't she? And Caleb is quite the handsome fellow... they grow up too quickly.
    Love the BBD finish... I'm collecting all the charts in this series but haven't started any yet. That tulip border is so pretty!!! Well, I hope the dust is under control... take care! hugs - carol

  6. Lovely finish.
    Best wishes Manuela

  7. Your grandchildren are sweet:) Nice to know you had a great fun time with them. Your cross stitch finish is lovely.

  8. Happy B-Day to Hannah!!
    She is such a pretty girl, and oh, that cake!
    Glad you got to spend time with Caleb & Hannah.
    Your Winter is Past turned out beautiful, it's in my "to do" pile. :)
    The last pic is cute, Caleb is a good-looking boy, and Hannah, that look on her face is priceless!
    I think she had Grandma & Grandpa wrapped around her finger. :)

  9. Oh Barba, what a wonderful week it must have been all together with the grandkids. It's one of the greatest things ever to spend time with the grandkids, to enjoy their presence and to spoil them rotten :))) Thank you so much for sharing all the lovely family pictures.
    Winter Is Past looks gorgeous. All the beautiful little blue birds and flowers - and I love the border around it.

  10. Sorry, I wanted to write Barb, of course.

  11. Your grandchildren are beautiful Barb. I am glad you two had a wonderful time. Winter Is Past is lovely.

  12. What a treat to be able to spend time with your grandkids, Barb. I know the flying is exhausting, but I'm sure being with them was worth every second in the air. Miss Hannah is so darling with those long blonde curls :)

    Just love your Winter Is Past. I bought that chart recently, but am not sure when I'll get it started--just couldn't resist it with all those blues, could I?

    Hope the remainder of June is restful for you. I'm battling jetlag myself after a trip to the west coast last week. Am looking forward to a quieter July!

  13. What a beautiful little girl and those gorgeous curls!! The BBD chart is stunning, I love the blues too.

  14. Hi Barb: Oh my gosh your grandchildren are adorable, what a sweet little princess.
    Love the Blackbird Design, the frame is perfect.
    10 hours and I thought 4 hours to Mexico was bad ouch.


  15. Oh your grandkids are adorable!!!! What fun it must have been to spend the whole week with them.

    Love the stitching! Perfect colors!

    I do not relish the thought of cleaning up after hardwood refinishing. We have hardwoods and are putting off the inevitable because I don't want to clean up afterwards! I told my husband I would rather move than get them redone. :)

  16. What a lovely post, it's such a shame they are so far away from you.

  17. Lovely family photos Barb,precious time spent with your grand children.
    Your stitching finish is beautiful.

  18. Tough being so far away from family. I am glad you were able to have some special time together. Your framed piece is lovely - I am collecting the charts for this series - blues and birds - that's right up my alley!