Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fall is Finally Here!

Yes, and I am very happy about that!! Hi there cloud friends.  I imagine some of you have given me up for lost.  Well, I just don't know where time goes!! I have not been good with posting but I have been stitching so I will show you what I have been up to.  This has been the nastiest summer I remember since we have moved to the NW several years ago.  It was the hottest, driest summer on record.  That plus all the fires in BC,Oregon, and here in WA have made it very smoky at times.  We got AC a few years ago and this summer has made it so worthwhile. I am looking forward to a nice Fall even with the usual rain.  I have kept my garden watered but our yard looks more like hay than grass.  Well, on to some stitching.

 All of my finishes are from Plum Street Samplers.  I have loved this one for a long time.  It is called "Grim Gourds". I did use WDW Onyx for all the black in all three designs.  I had lots left from last year's Ghoultide.
 Plus I also used lots of GA Gingersnap.  That has become my go to orange.

This is PSS's Halloween Hornbook.  This was so much fun to stitch.  Valley House Primitives is making frames for both of these.
 Here we have A Bowl Full of Scaries, Scary One. This is a large pin keep that sits on a shelf in my powder room.  I got that beautiful shelf many years ago at a yard sale at the Workshops of David T. Smith.  I absolutely love his work.  When I win the lottery, I am going to fly him out here and have him redo my kitchen! That is one of those battery operated timer candles.  It looks so great in there after dark. The next pictures are of the dahlias in my garden.  They are so beautiful right now.

 I have never had such big hydrangeas.  That is my DH's hand!!

Well, thank you so much for not giving up on me.  I hope Fall will be very good to all of you.  I think our world has seen enough misery for a while! Thanks so much for joining me today!


  1. Barb, your PSS stitches are wonderful. I love their patterns and these are all great. I love your choice of colors and use those threads often too. And, your stitching is perfect.

    Your plants are gorgeous. The dahlias are such pretty colors and oh my the hydrangea is so lush and big.

    I hope you win the lottery too. What fun you would have. I dream about it all the time. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  2. This has been the hottest summer I can remember since we moved here to Oregon in '94! Thank goodness for air conditioning! Right now, it is still a little warm, but there is a beautiful breeze and I know that fall is here. I love your PSS finishes. Do you know if Grim Gourds is still available? I'll have to look...I love that design! And your flowers are beautiful!

  3. Barb: I am one of them crazy people that like the heat, however I like the rain to come and keep it moist so no fires break out,
    Beautiful fall stitching.
    Love your floral photos.


  4. Hi Barb,
    i love your patterns, the colors of autumn. Your work looks great.
    And you have so many nice flowers to show - i love them.
    Greetings Martina

  5. Love your blooms, flowers at this time of year are so special, the colours are brilliant.

  6. Great PSS finishes.
    You've been bust stitching!
    Glad you got the AC, it helps.
    We've had some unusually HOT temps here this fall. Actually it stsrted on the 1st day of Fall!
    It's been in the 90's, we haven't had those high temps all Summer!
    It cooled down this week though.
    Your flowers are still beautiful.
    Love the variegated orange Dahlia.

  7. Love all your stitching finishes, Autumn is my favourite time of year too, although we don't have the hot summers like you I still love when the air changes.
    Your flowers are just beautiful! and HUGE, lol Only a couple of my Dahlias flowered which was disappointing, hopefully I will have better luck next year.

  8. Beautiful finishes!! Weather is turning extreme globally and also human tolerance is reducing.
    With those lovely flowers, I don't believe when you say your garden looks hay rather than grass :) Please share your DH's secret of such lovely hydrangeas and also about other flowers. I cannot grow successfully anything great other than cactus.

  9. Lovely Halloween stitches.
    Your flowers are wonderful.

  10. Barb, All your stitching is wonderful, I especially like the PSS hornbook. The little ornament on that pretty shelf is so sweet. I hope you win the lottery after I do!!
    The dahlias are stunning! I hope you get to enjoy a cooler Autumn. Mary

  11. So good to see a new post from you, Barb--and filled with such cute Halloween finishes. I don't think I've ever seen that first one before... And that IS a gorgeous little shelf :)

    Our summer was much cooler than normal so you got our heat. I have to say, it really hasn't felt like summer until this past week--very strange. My youngest son was up in Vancouver for work and commented on the smoke from the fires--I can't imagine! Hopefully, your weather will be more to your liking in October and you can still enjoy that beautiful garden of yours :)

    Enjoy these last few days of September!

  12. Oh how busy you have been with your stitching Barb! I just love your Dahlias. And those gorgeous hydrangeas! I live very near Marilyn, so I have the same cool down now. Love it!

  13. It's great to see a new post from you, Barb. I agree with you on fall although we didn't have an overly hot summer over here - at least not in my corner of Europe. In southern Europe people have experienced the hottest summer since ages. But hot summer or not, I just love fall with its wonderful fall colours in nature.

    I love your PPS stitching, a lot. My favorite would be the Hornbook Alphabet, it's just gorgeous. And look at the funny faces of all the pumpkins. It certainly was fun to stitch them. That little shelf is just perfect for your stitched beauties.

    It's wonderful to see the flowers you still have in the garden. These hydrangeas are awesome, Barb. We didn't have many of them this year as most of them froze during some late frosty nights. But there is always a next year.

  14. Barb, love all your PSS finishes! Wonderful flowers. It was a weird summer for sure with those fires up your way, our monsoons here were almost nonexistent, and some areas of the U.S. still hot as I type. Let's hope Fall returns us to normalcy. Take care!

  15. Great Halloween displays, Barb! I don't do much myself, but enjoy seeing what others do. :)
    I have enjoyed the cooler temps the last few days, but the shorter days are so noticeable now and that I'm not happy about it. Oh well. Will just have to think back on long summer days and sit under my Ott light!

  16. Plum Street Hornbook is wonderful - love the pumpkins and peacocks. You've added some really wonderful Halloween pieces to your finishes this year. Like you, I am more than glad to say goodbye to summer and the wildfire smoke and heat - we are generally spoiled her in the Pac NW with wonderfully temperate summer days - this year so many were just plain dangerous to be outside. Your dahlias are amazing - the Puget Sound area is the perfect place to grow them generally cool and moist.

  17. I've been thinking that it has been quite different weather from what you are used to. Hopefully, better weather is just around the corner. Love your Halloween finishes! And what gorgeous colors in your dahlias! So nice to see a post from you - take care!

  18. Halloween is getting more popular over here. I have a couple of charts in my stash but I don't think I'll get around to them this year.

    Your Halloween projects are wonderful. Love the hornbook piece. Gorgeous dahlias too.

  19. Maybe Autumn will be a much better season for your area... it could happen! Your finishes look great! LOVE the dahlias and hydrangeas--wow!

  20. Your PSS finishes are wonderful - I really like the limited colour scheme of them, it's so effective. And beautiful dahlias too which is amazing considering the dry summer you've had!

  21. Love your cloud witch!! Love the hornbook pattern - lovely finishes. Your flowers are amazing!!!

  22. Love all those Plum Street designs, especially the Peacocks. Love the one with the witches hat!
    Nice work on finishing the pin keep too.

  23. Your stitching is so lovely Barb,I always look forward to seeing your Hallowe’en designs and those Dahlia’s are gorgeous.My late mother’s favourite flower.We visited a field of many different varieties of Dahlia’s,a few were not for public sale yet, at a garden centre/ nurseries last month on holiday down south.I took so many pictures.

  24. Love all your Halloween finishes Barb! Your flowers are amazing!

  25. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !


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