Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Garden

Before we moved to the Pacific NW I was a wanna-be Gardner. I always started out in the spring with great ideas. As the weather heated up, I stayed in more and more. I remember going out at 7am and the sweat was dripping off my face. Well, that was the end of Barb the Gardener!! I stayed in my nicely air-conditioned house! When fall and some decent weather came I was too busy back at school to think much about the yard. Here I really enjoy my garden. There are only a few days when it is too hot. In fact we have really lucked out this year! The weather man thinks we will not see one day of 90 !!! I dead head every day and try to keep the flowers coming all summer. Since fall is my favorite season, I have planted several plants to bloom in the fall. Here is a look at some of the mid-summer beauties!

A lovely feathery dahlia that survived in the ground over the winter.

This lily is taller than the SBA-6feet plus.

A close up of the lily.

A lovely day lily that was given to me by a friend. I don't know the variety.

I have three great clematis. They always make me think of my Dad who loved them.

This is an upright fuchsia that dies back every winter and returns in the spring.

This looks like floral sunshine.

This is one of my favorite annuals,rubekia , Tiger Eye. I keep space for them in several spots in the garden.

I read that a vine instantly ages the house. I love the way my onion lamp looks through the vine.

The vine really helps the look of the front load garage.

In the world of cross stitch, I finished Shakespeare's Peddlers," Jenny Bean's Creation Sampler. "
The colors on the photo aren't very good.

Tomorrow, I'm planning a special post about my Grandson who just started kindergarten!

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  1. there are more and more reasons all the time for me to move in your direction! everything here is dead and droopy! your plants look wonderful!