Thursday, August 11, 2011


I think of this blog as a kind of online diary, so this will be a bit different from my other blogs. My Grandson, Caleb, started kindergarten this last Mon. The very first day of school is a special day for any child. Plus Caleb will be six on the 23rd of August. So I decided to do a blog all about this very special child!

Here's Daddy with Caleb shortly after he was born.

Time to celebrate that first birthday!

My daughter-in-law always makes Caleb a very special cake. His favorite sleeping partner at this point was "monkey" so she did this awesome cake for him.

Like many children he liked the box better than the gifts!

Birthday number 2 was different because Daddy had recently left for Iraq. Mom , Grandma and Grandpa took him to the zoo. How he loves the water!(Still does)

No cake this year but a very special desert!

Time for the presents!

Here we are at birthday number three. There will be two parties this year because Daddy will be home soon. On his birthday, we took another trip to the zoo!

Dad's home and it's a Thomas the Train party at Caleb's favorite choo choo train park! Too bad it's raining! Notice the super cake!!

He's even dressed for the party!!

Now he's almost four and ready for the first day at a new pre-school!

Mom baked a "Cars "cake for the school party!

Birthday number 5 has a superman theme. Mom has out-done herself with this cake.

Time for a big boy party with friends!!

Now we are almost six and ready for the first day of school.

Backpack and all !

First on the bus.

I started the blog with a picture of Caleb and Daddy. I am ending it with a picture of Caleb and Mommy. (The super cake baker!) I am one lucky person to have these people as part of my family.


  1. oh damn...can i borrow him for a while!!!??? i want a grandbaby so bad. i don't see it happening soon. you are so lucky and he is wonderful!

  2. Sweet pics. He sure is lucky to have a grandma who loves him so much!