Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Last of Alaska

It's been fun choosing the pictures for this, my last post of the Alaska trip. I didn't realize that I took so many pictures of the flowers. However, it does not surprise me as I love flowers -wild or in gardens! For the most part, I'm keeping the flowers I post, the wild flowers of Alaska. We did see many beautiful gardens , especially in Anchorage. This will finish posts from that most amazing trip. I never thought about whether or not we should drill for oil up there. I'm sort of conflicted as part of me knows how much we need oil but the other part says we need to leave this amazing place alone as much as possible.

A close up of the lovely fireweed.

This is a very poisonous plant called monkshood.

We saw this blue and white lupine everywhere.

Not sure what this delicate little flower is called.

I guess seaweed counts as a wild plant!!

I'm not sure the name of the next two yellow flowers.

We saw this plant only in Seldovia.

Very feathery.

This little plant is a member of the orchid family!!

I thought this looked like a snapdragon, but it was wild.

Again, I want to thank all of you who shared this wonderful trip with Jim and me. We will never forget the amazing things we saw. Tomorrow, I'm back to my own garden where I have spent several hours since coming home. It was like a bad child and went a bit crazy while we were gone!!

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  1. what a wonderful trip and thanks so much for sharing it! when is the next one?