Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Amazing Crow! and Woolpets

Last week my Daughter and I went over to Seattle to a gallery where she had been showing some of her art. She does amazing things with wool roving and needles. She and her husband , the photographer , are just finishing their third book on various aspects of needle felting with an emphasis on needle felting birds. We had a great day which included finding a great shop that had fabric but lots of other good stuff. The store even had a ribbon room. Well, while getting some of her things this wonderful crow fell out of the package. As I have said on this blog, I love Halloween!!!! I took one look at the crow and fell in love!! She said I could have it but it represents lots of work and money so I said she should think about it. I didn't say any more. Last night they came over for dinner and there was the crow. I just love him. As fall progresses, you will be seeing lots more of her work!! The business is called "Woolpets" Our son-in-law is the business manager and photographer , while our daughter is the artist. At the present she is spending lots of time working on illustrations for children's books. She is great and we know she will be successful!!!! Along with Mr. Crow, I'll show some of her first two books.

Here's Mr. Crow! I'm not sure where he will end up but for sure, he'll be in my Halloween collection. The candle lantern is from Michael's, an idea from the blog "Octoberfarm."

Here is the first book my daughter and son-in-law wrote and photographed.

This is a gallery of projects from the first book.

Here's book number two. Lot's of great projects.

Here's the gallery of projects for book 2.

This is Laurie's," About the author," in the first book.

This is the blurb on the back of the second book.

We are so proud of them both. If you are kind enough to keep following this blog, you'll see more Woolpets as I decorate for fall and winter.

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