Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Ranger Cross Stitch

I haven't posted any cross stitch for quite awhile because I've been busy working on this Ranger cross stitch for my son. I was trying to find a good Father's Day gift and found this site that had military cross stitch patterns. The site is called Military Becoming an Army Ranger was one of the most important achievements of his life. The SBA and I were very proud of him. The pictures of the Ranger graduation are from the late 90's. I will be adding his name and the date of the graduation to this cross stitch.

This took about 6 weeks. Now I know why I will never do needlepoint!!! I don't like all the filling. But well worth doing for him. We will be matting and framing it for his special room. He has other ranger memorabilia in this room. Sorry for the wrinkles!

We arrive at Fort Benning , home of the Ranger school.

This is the Ranger Memorial. It is very beautiful and a fitting tribute to many very brave men.

The Ranger Creed is part of the memorial. Rangers have been protecting our country since the American Revolution.

One of the many demonstrations that were part of the Graduation program.

These soldiers do amazing things.

Can you believe this?

The SBA got the honor of pinning on the Ranger tab.

A very proud moment.

This is one of my all time favorite photos of our son!

Graduation is over and Jeff is heading back to his responsibilities at 1st Battalion.

It's almost 16 years later and Jeff is being promoted to Major in the Army.

This is his great family, our wonderful daughter-in-law and adorable Grandson! We are still very proud of Jeff .

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