Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cross Stitch and Antiques!

More Halloween stuff! I have to tell you that we moved to the NW in Sept. We were renting at first so I had my Halloween stuff packed separately-even in an apartment I had to have my Halloween things!! The mover said he had moved this much Christmas stuff but never this much Halloween stuff. That means I still have much to share! This is another cross stitch by The Primitive Needle. I did it a few years ago but we just framed it. The pictures really don't show the color very well . I did it pretty much as suggested in the pattern(if I'm remembering correctly). We framed it in an antique frame. It looks great by the desk.

Love all the symbols. I'm trying to find out what they mean.

Love the little pumpkin border!

Just a few close ups.

I don't have as many antique Halloween things as I would like. However, I do love the ones I have. This is an old mold I found at an antique show in Indianapolis, In. It says Van Enden Co. NY and also says Made in Germany. Van Enden must have imported the mold. I'm guessing it was for candy.

I LOVE those witches. I have never tried to mold in this but have thought about it. Maybe some little soaps.

I got this on ebay a few years ago. It was a great buy as I had tried to find witch molds at shows and they were always very expensive. It says Made in Germany and Weygand New York.

My good friend Doreen found this chalk witch in a shop in CA. It looks like it might have been made in a mold very similar to mine. I know that folk artists like to buy the molds and use them to make copies that they can decorate. I wish I could read the name of the artist, but it was too blurry.
Thanks again for reading my blog! More Halloween coming soon!


  1. i love your vintage halloween! great stuff!

  2. What super "witchy" things!! Love the candy molds!!!