Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back with two favorites-My Grandson and a Pumpkin Farm

Well, I'm finally back to a reliable computer. The one I had on the trip ate some photos so I decided not to risk any of the other pictures we had taken. It was a fun trip visiting my Grandson, Son,and Daughter-in-law, and then on to visit my sister and her family. Caleb had a four day fall vacation from kindergarten so we made the most of the time and did fun things each day. Today's post includes 2 of my favorite things as my title says! Tomorrow's post will include my cross stitch shopping but for today , it will be Caleb and the Pumpkin farm. It was a great farm with lots to do for the whole family. I will also show some of the incredible pumpkins and gourds they had for sale. I told the SBA that it was a good thing they would spoil in the mail or I would have been so tempted!! I have never seen so many varieties-well that's for another post!

Grandma- do I really have to sit on this pumpkin and have my picture taken???!!!

Jumping on this huge blown up pumpkin is so much more fun!

Or maybe the giant slide!

An old fashioned pump-interesting for a group of computer age kids.

Now for the hayride out to the fields. It was very warm and dusty but of course , we had to sit right behind the tractor.

This was the corn ride. I was afraid he might be bored with this . However, the tractor driver really got the little cars going. He was at the end and got whipped around enough to make it fun!

I loved this little pumpkin house. The kids could move around the little pumpkins.

Caleb, the SBA, and a giant hay spider!

Another pumpkin sitting photo!

He loved pretending to drive this real tractor! Gears and all!

What the SBA will do for his Grandson!

The end of a great day!!!!

Thanks for joining me , tomorrow I'll be showing some of the pumpkins and cross stitch adventures!


  1. Love this! Caleb had SO much fun with Grandma and Grandpa. 2 days after you left, the new Toys R Us opened. Guess you'll have to add this to your next trip :) Not sure you could have packed a single more "adventure" on this last one. We love you! (The daughter-in-law)

  2. So many charming photos! He and grandpa look like they are having a ball! He's growing up to be a very handsome young boy.