Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Final Spring/Easter Stitch

I planned three projects for my spring/Easter decorating. I have posted the first two and will show them again when they are framed. My final project involves 5 or 6 small stitches. I plan to put them on a wreath or on my little feather tree. I will probably decide when they are finished. Each one takes me 2-3 hours. That is what I call a fast stitch!!!

Here is the pattern I'm using. It is a Prairie Schooler. I'm using some 32ct. antique ivory linen that I have on hand. It's a great way to use a scrap of linen.

This cupboard is in my kitchen and that 's the little wreath I plan to use.

A close up of the wreath.

Or maybe I'll put them on this tree!

I have two stitched.

Sorry for the wrinkles! Thanks so much for taking a look.


  1. What a great feather tree and love your kitchen display too - I look forward to seeing your PS ornaments.

  2. Barbara, you can never go wrong with Prairie Schooler Designs. They are the best.
    I love the pics.
    Happy Leap Day!

  3. The tree is so pretty! Love the little fast stitches - they're cute!

  4. You are such a fast stitcher. I love it, and I cannot wait to see where you put the little ones. I just posted about my last project. It took me two years.

  5. Those are going to be adorable all finished up, Barb! How nice to have such a wonderful display cupboard in your kitchen--I love it!