Monday, February 27, 2012

Quaker Easter Egg

This represents the second of three Easter/Spring projects. If you have looked at my blog you will know that I do love to decorate for the seasons. I think I''ll start the Spring decorating about the middle of March. I will have these little projects done . I really liked stitching this egg. The colors are the best we can do. I'm thinking of trying to learn more about this camera so I don't use the automatic setting. I'm never happy with the colors. My fabric for this was antique white. That shows you how far off my colors are. I changed all the colors in the egg. I'll describe them at the bottom.

Here is the whole egg. Good Easter eggs need certain things:

Like a baby chick

Butterflies and leaves

a pretty potted plant

And of course, the message of Easter!

The colors I used were: DMC-355 and 356
NPI Atlantic Blue Range #925 and #923
NPI Sunflower gold Range #772
GA-Oatmeal, Summer Meadow,Dried thyme, and Wood Trail
I didn't buy any supplies for this, I used things from my stash.

Thanks for looking. Tomorrow, I'll describe my final project! Have a great week!


  1. The egg is so beautiful. The colors are gorgeous. I really love your work. So perfect.

  2. Wonderful finish! Your color choices look great :)

  3. That is gorgeous, Barb!! I love it :)

  4. Really pretty: I love the colours:)