Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quaker Easter and Birds

I have three projects I want to do for Easter/Spring. I do leave most of my Easter stuff up for the greater part of spring. I think rabbits , eggs, etc. represent the rebirth of spring as well as Easter. I finished the white bunny egg, and now I'm about to finish a Quaker egg. I do love Quaker patterns and could not resist this one. I changed it a lot as far as color is concerned. I'm not a pastel person at least not with my home decorating. So I have to be careful with spring /Easter designs which tend to be more pastel. I will show the finished egg tomorrow. I took these pictures a few days ago.

I am using lighter versions of colors I often use in cross stitch.

I even mixed colors within the design.

Here is the pattern. It uses lots of pale over-dyed thread.

We had a very busy feeder this week-end. I think maybe because it was cold! I do love chickadees!

I was so happy to see this picture when I looked at the ones I took. The birds were moving so fast that I just kept snapping, not sure what I was getting. This is a little rosy breasted nuthatch with his little head in the feeder!

Another woodpecker!
I hope you all have a wonderful week-ahead and thanks for taking a look!


  1. Love the egg - the patterns are nice. And the colors look perfect - not too pastel, but very spring-like. I love all the birdie pics, too!

  2. I love the bird pics!
    You are being so good with the seasonal stitching. I am not that focused. You are going to have wonderful seasonal pieces to display at the right time :)

  3. Lovely progress on your Quaker Egg and the bird pictures are fabulous. I can't get good pics of our birds....

    I'm so glad you visited me - I've now added you to my blog roll and am now one of your followers!

    I'll be anxiously waiting your start on Mary Gibson!