Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two Cross Stitch Projects

Tonight is the big play. I was at the final rehearsal this morning. I have been watching the script but tonight I have the job of helping the teacher keep the off stage kids quiet!! Doesn't that sound like fun??!!! Well, each night I have been working on Scarlet Letter's Rebecca Robinson . This is very large and will take some time. I thought I'd show what I have done so far. Sorry for the wrinkles. I continue to have problems with the color. One of these days, a new camera is in order!! This will be especially important when I take summer flower pictures. I need good color!

This is the honeysuckle border. There are 38 of these little flowers to stitch. I have 7 done.

I'm adding some of the little motifs as I go.

I'm really having trouble liking the colors of this vase! I might have to change little Miss Robinson's choice. I will wait till I get more done and then decide.

Her colors for the flowers are fine so far. Now I look at all the colors first in a given design so that I can make changes if I really don't like the combination. I suppose that is not the way to do a reproduction but it will be hanging in my home and I have to like it.

The Blackbird design sampler is back from the framer. I like the work of the new shop in Poulsbo. It is called Bluewater Artworks. They did a super job. I walked in to get it and they had it on the counter as a show piece to demonstrate to customers what they can do. They have only been open a few weeks.

Here's a close up of the frame. We are working on the arrangement for the dining room wall using the old oval pictures , a few more old photos of James and Bandena, their marriage certificate, and this sampler. James and Bandena are the SBA's Grandparents.
Have a great Fri. We have a fun antique show coming to a town near here. I think that will be our Sat. Thanks for taking a look.


  1. Your framed BBD is stunning, Barb--what a nice display you'll have on your dining room wall, honoring James and Bandena :)

  2. How did it go with the kids? I hope the play was great.
    Have I told you how much I love your header pic?
    Your sampler is looking great.
    I really like the frame that you chose for the BBD piece.