Monday, April 23, 2012

A Major Frog Attack!!

First, a thanks to all of you that have commented on my latest NW pictures,both the lighthouse and Port Townsend. I so appreciate the time you take to comment. Also, a big thanks to those who just look! Some of you that read my blog might not be stitchers so I'm going to explain the word frogging. It means ripping out your work because you made a mistake! I spent all of last night and part of today doing just that! Old John Foster and I had a big problem!!

See the big tree on the left. Notice a darker green vine going up between the house and the tree. Well, on Sat. night I had finished the big tree on the right where you see a big empty space!(identical to the one on the left). Last night I sat down to stitch the vine. I realized quickly that I had a problem, not enough spaces between the house and vine. It was only one space but the vine would have touched either the house or the tree. The mis-count was actually down in that dark green grass. Since I counted off the grass to position the tree , I was one square too close to the house!! The SBA ( an engineer in his former life) tried to see if I could avoid removing the whole tree. We couldn't find a good solution so I spent several hours frogging!!!!!!!

See all that pretty green floss!!!!! Oh, well, tonight will be a new night !

My good news is that my new stash came form JJ's . They had a great spring sale I took advantage and bought some Blackbird Design charts that I just couldn't live without!! I hope you all have a wonderful week and thanks for taking a look!


  1. I hate when we have to frog and it seems like that happens a little bit on everything I stitch! Or sew for that matter! What/where is JJ's? I might like to investigate.....

    1. Hi Nancy, JJ's Collectibles is an online store. They have great sales.

  2. Ouch - that was enough frogging to be a Toad! Everytime I'm working on something complicated my sister, who does not stitch, peers over my should and says, "I think you are one stitch off! Hah-ha!"

  3. I am so sorry that yo had to do all that frogging. Your progress still looks great.
    What fabulous stash. I am waiting for the new BBD piece to arrive.

  4. Dear Barb,

    I would like to thank you to teach me what frogging means :)) I've not heard about this word till your post.

    Your work is still looking lovely in despite of frogging.



  5. Oooooh, I hate when I have to frog that much stitching. Unfortunately, it has happened to all of us, I would guess. I am absolutely loving JF and watching your progress has got me wanting to stitch it, too. Love it!!
    Great stash. You can't go wrong with BBD's!

  6. what a lovely blog, I love it ... I'm sorry you have had ho do alla that frogging....


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  8. Unfortunately, I'm all to familiar with frogging. :) It's a shame you had to take all of that stitching out! I really love this piece and may have to look it up. :) Love your new BBD charts!

  9. Oh Wow, you had a lot to do! I don't stitch so I don't know about frogging, but I sew and I certainly know about taking out taking those stitches out, expecially the very tiny ones that I really can no longer see. I think you do a beautiful job.

  10. Oh, dear, what a shame, Barb! At least you have those pretty new charts to help ease your pain a bit!