Friday, April 27, 2012


Last week end it was very warm(70's).  This week we have had some very good rain.  That combination has made the garden really pop with color.  Today I did more weeding as that same combination is great for weeds.  The good thing is that they come out fairly easily after rain.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and have a wonderful week-end!

This is Euphorbia Polychroma.

Doronicum "Little Leo"

Beautiful white daffodils

This is Guinevere English Primrose.

This is Green Lace Primrose.  These two are perennial .

It's time for the bird bath!

This was the project of the week for the SBA.  We already have a clematis in one pot and are now considering what to put in the other pot.  I think he did a fabulous job.  I can't wait till this doorway is covered with lovely vines!


  1. oh the colors are so gorgeous. Such beautiful flowers. I sure miss my flower garden in Missouri. Only a lonely hibiscus here in AZ.

  2. Your daffs have lasted a bit longer than ours - our are pretty much finished now. I love your trellis idea on your back deck and the bird bath is prettily positioned.

  3. The flowers are beautiful! I'm so lucky to be able to see your fabulous garden in person- it is a wonder to behold - a paradise.

  4. Beautiful flowers! The yellows are so cheery and I love the different varieties of daffodils. :)

  5. Great project...he did a good job! Now enjoy! Thanks for sharing pictures of my favorite flowers....daffodils....brings back wonderful memories of the tulip/daffodil fields in Sumner when I was a child. My sister and brother worked in the bulb fields in high school and we had lots of daffodils and tulips around our house!

    1. Hi Nancy, Sumner has a big daffodil parade each year!

  6. These are such wondercul pics! :o)