Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Bit of Everything!

Welcome to all my new followers.  I do appreciate all of you!  And of course, I appreciate all of you who have followed this blog and those who just take a look now and then.  You are all great!!!
Yesterday was just beautiful,  the sky blue, the mountains still covered with snow, and the temps warm enough to be in flip flops! We decided to go for lunch to one of our favorite waterside restaurants.  We were on the deck for the first time this year! This is a town called Bremerton.  There is a large Navy presence in this town. You can take a ferry from here to downtown Seattle.  It is a great ride,especially in the summer.

 Here is the view from our table.

 This is a World War 2 Destroyer called Turner Joy.  It is available for tours.  The SBA has taken visitors on the tour.

They have recently redone this bridge.  The water you see is another one of the many inlets on Puget sound.

 This is still a view from the restaurant.  They are still skiing on week-ends in the Cascades where you find many ski resorts.  The mountains in this picture are the Olympics.  They are much wilder because they are part of the Olympic National Park.  There are very few roads in these mountains.

 Here is an update on "Penny America."  Now I just have to fill in the border squares and it will be back to John Foster.  I want to get this done quickly.  I had the test today and I do have moderate carpel tunnel so minor surgery is in my near future.  I'm sure that will slow down my stitching for hopefully no more than a few weeks. I'm happy to have it done as my hand is quite a pain in the neck right now.( Actually, a pain in the hand!)

In my last post, I showed pictures of the Dragonfly garden center.  Here is one of the plants that I couldn't live without. It is called Iris x pacifica "Baby Blanket".  The colors are just amazing.

The picture doesn't do this plant justice.  It is called Dark Chocolate Coleus.  It is an annual but I plan to put it in a pot with the chartreuse sweet potato vine.  It will be pretty on the deck.

Now I think you can see why I called this post a little bit of everything.  I hope you are all having a wonderful week!


  1. My great greatfather and one of his sons lived in Bremerton in the 1930s. My grandfather and an uncle both were in the navy & spent time in Bremerton too.

  2. I love the colors of Baby Blanket, too! and actually, the colors look great in all these photos!

  3. Lovely photos of your lunch time spot and the plants are pretty too.
    Penny America is coming on well,lovely design:)

  4. Dear Barb,
    You are living in, as beautiful as enviable part of the world. I think you know that! :)
    Besides, such habitat like yours, makes me more hopeful for the future of this planet.

    Lovely photos indeed,thanks for sharing

    From Istanbul with love,

  5. Hello

    Your photos are stunning and that iris is just beautiful!

    Penny America is looking lovely!

  6. Good Morning Barb! It looks like you had a lovely day out. It is so nice to sit outside to eat on days like that.
    Penny America Looks wonderful. I hope that the surgery won't keep you away from your stitching for too long.
    I love your chocolate plants. Your are right that the chartreuse will be a great contrast for the coleus.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  7. every time i read your blog i want to jump on a plane and head to seattle. i love that area so much. that is an awesome iris!!!

  8. Very beautiful pictures

    bisous de FRANCE

  9. Hi! First of all, good luck with your hand and you will be happy to get it done. That iris is absolutely, positively gorgeous!!!! I so wish I was sitting on that dock and smelling that saltwater and smelling the creosote and seaweed...lucky you!!!

  10. What a beautiful day! The restaurant view is fabulous. I love to go to places like that. We are hoping to get out of the AZ heat in a month or two and go up the coast of Oregon and maybe even Washington. I just love that whole area. I really enjoyed your pictures.