Friday, June 29, 2012

At Pike Place Market

Thank you so much to all of you who read my blog.  I do appreciate it very much.  Well, as promised, I took pictures of the market on our trip to Seattle yesterday.  This is a very busy crowded place but we did have fun.   However, I'm afraid the SBA and I are becoming country people(or just OLD) as we got very tired after a few hours.  Hope you enjoy the photos.

These beautiful bouquets can be had for as low as $10.

It's cherry season!!!!

It's not quite the season for these , but it is coming.  I have a wonderful raspberry U Pick less than 5 minutes from home.  I freeze enough for the whole year.

Fourth of July potato salad ??

Here is the new waterfront attraction.  Can you believe that I heard that opening day is today??(We were there yesterday)

I think the SBA(Super Blog Assistant-he loads my pictures) took a great picture.  I hope you all have a wonderful week-end.  For many of you-stay cool!!! We are cool and rainy-but I'm not complaining!!!!


  1. Dang -- OI just got back from my local farmers market and our cherries look like they've been used for boxing practice. I'm so jealous!

    How soon will you try out the wheel? It could be great fun ... and yes, kudos to the SBA!

  2. I think, to have such SBA is like winning a lottery :))) He's done a great job for us!

    Thank both of you for those lovely pictures.

    Wish you a wonderful weekend...

  3. after traveling the world for years, i never have the urge to board another plain. however, when i see pike place market and hear about your weather...i start to get the travel itch! we were 104 yesterday!

  4. What a nice bunch of colorful pictures. I could almost smell the ocean. Mmmm

  5. Such vibrant colours from the market Barb! What great pics!

  6. I LOVE Pike Place Market!! I haven't been to Seattle in years! I should make a trip down there sometime soon! Love the new ferris wheel they put up!!