Sunday, June 17, 2012

Friday and the Edmonds Art Fair

This has been a very busy week-end!  On Thurs. I did my volunteer job at the school.  Then on Saturday, we worked out at the lighthouse.  It was fairly quiet because the weather was not the best.  The best day of the week-end (weather wise) was Friday.  The SBA, our daughter, and I went to the Edmonds Art Festival.  Laurie used to sell her Woolpets at this fair but she no longer does the festivals.  It was a beautiful day and we had lots of fun! Edmonds is a ferry ride away but we just walked on-that means you don't take a car.  It is a much cheaper way to travel on the ferry plus we got a nice walk up to the art fair.  I have mentioned Edmonds before.  It is probably my favorite town across the water.

 Almost each corner has a small garden.

 This is a view of the festival.

Edmonds is right on the water and you can see the Olympic Mountains in the background.

 All along our walk were pretty houses .  Almost all of them had pretty gardens.

 The SBA took this picture of Mt.  Baker from the ferry ride home.

Last year I bought a bird house(the one on the far right) at this fair.  I wanted to add a few more this year.

 I loved the shape of this one.

I couldn't resist this little patriotic one.

Thanks so much for taking a look! I hope this has been a good week-end for you.  I took the SBA out for a Father's Day Brunch!! Now it is time to go for a walk!!!!!


  1. I have been to Edmonds! It is a fabulous place! I love the ferry!!!

    I really love your birdhouses! Those are the most fabulous I have seen! Does the artist have an Etsy shop?

  2. It looks like you had a perfect day in Edmonds. I love your bird house collection.
    I hope that your wrist is getting better every day!!

  3. i love those birdhouses! i could have done some damage at that fair!

  4. What stunning photos!

    I love the birdhouses, they are so cute!

  5. Looks like a lovely day for an art fair and the photos are so gorgeous. Living close to the other coast, I do think flowers grow bigger and lovelier closer to the sea!

  6. Enjoyed your beautiful pictures! I love the birdhouses too!

  7. Pretty pictures. The bird houses are delightful.