Saturday, January 31, 2015

Seahawk Fever!!!!

With the big game tomorrow, Seahawk fever  has reached a very high pitch.  When you are out and about, at least half of the people you see are wearing some kind of Seahawk clothing.  On my way home from the school where I volunteer, I saw this incredible house.  I took the DH back in the afternoon and the owner was outside.  I explained about this blog and she let me take photos. She was a very nice person and she was having lots of fun!

 Now that's a true fan!!

 The yard was full of Peanuts characters portraying the team.

 One end of her house.

Kearse is the player who caught the final pass in the championship game.

 She made this cheerleader outfit for her very sweet dog!

 The front door.

She invited my DH to pose with the team!

All the rest of the pictures are taken in Poulsbo.  This represents just one little town in the region.  Multiply this spirit by many more towns!

                                                         All that is left to say is:



  1. It is everywhere here, too, Barb :)

  2. Wow, it certainly is Seahawk fever there! Weird for me to think that the Super Bowl is only about 100 miles or so away from me! I could never afford tickets to this thing! Have fun tomorrow, Barb.

  3. Good luck for the Hawks from Germany

  4. Go Hawks! Good luck from the UK.
    Well - my little corner anyway! Irene xxx

  5. Wow, now those are really true fans!
    Love the doggie outfit and the Peanuts characters.
    The grocery stores here were crazy-busy yesterday,even though the Packers aren't playing.
    I guess it's a good reason to party anyway. lol
    Best of luck to the Hawks. :)

  6. Awesome! Cheering for Seahawks all the way!!!!!

  7. Now THAT is a loyal fan base! I will be watching the game today that's for sure! GO HAWKS!

  8. How fun that a fan has that much spirit to decorate her house and share the fun with others!!! I always love pictures of Poulsbo!!!!! I have been there many times when visiting my Dad and I love it there...especially the new Central Market!!!!! and all the shops downtown. I miss being there so much!!!!! You are so lucky to live where you do! The only thing I have you beat on is that I have so many LNS near to me. Go Hawks!!!

  9. That's what I was amused!
    An interesting fan, even the dog is a fan:-)))
    Thank you for mediation!

  10. Wow ! What a fan :) Love all the peanuts guys ! Hope the Seahawks win Barb !

  11. Wow that's what I call dedication
    How fun!!

  12. We 12s are certainly enthusiastic, and loyal even in the face of disappointment. We had a great season and I can't wait till fall! Go Hawks!

  13. I was rooting for Seattle cause I sure would not have wanted those NE cheaters to win... so was SO dang disappointed they lost at the very last possible moment! It was torture!! But--we must remember it is just a game......