Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oregon Day2

Well the weather has turned out a bit rainy but we still had a fun day. We did some antiquing. We learned how to identify a real Japanese glass fish float. Good info so you don't buy fakes.It is pretty down here,even in the rain! We just didn't get the beach walk we wanted. Tomorrow we plan to stay in Astoria to see the old houses(didn't get to that today). Oh by the way, it was the first American settlement west of the Rockies. I guess the Spanish were here for awhile.

This bridge connects Washington to Oregon. This view was from our hotel window.

Another view from the window. From this window you can see the huge ships on their way to Portland.

Another window photo.

At one time the Pacific reached into this gully. It is now filled with sediment and plants are growing.

Even on a cloudy day the Pacific is beautiful.

This is typical of the Washington-Oregon coast.

This was a fun place. The owner gave us the Japanese glass float lesson.

This tree was so fun. We wondered how the owner got all the floats-buy or find???

How's this for a decorated garage?

Even the sheds are decorated with floats.

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