Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Last Day in Oregon

We got home last night but I was a bit too tired to post. Our last day in Oregon was beautiful , sunny and not too cold. That also meant we had a very pretty ride home. We took back roads through many little towns-lots more fun than the expressway. For a change , the expressway was not convenient! We did a little shopping in Astoria. It is a delightful town and people were very friendly. I'm sure we'll be back there for another visit! It's only about 31/2 hours from home.

Again, the bridge from our room but look at that beautiful blue sky!

Here are some of the old homes that are so common in this town.

This is called a ladder sidewalk. The hill is so steep , they felt that this was the only way to keep people from slipping.

I loved this very bright yellow church. It really was unusual.

The stained glass windows were beautiful. If I lived here, this is where I would go to church!

Even the little windows were lovely!

This was a window in a house, very pretty!

For sale!!!!!! Hum.....

Can you imagine painting this porch!

Here's a view of the town from the hill where most of the homes were located.

This little place had great coffee-very important to a North westerner. It was located out on a pier.

These guys were on the next pier.

They were really noisy!!!!!!

Guess you need to leave them alone!!!

My good -by photo . This was taken from across the river in Washington. Thanks for looking at my pictures of this great place!

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  1. thanks for posting the photos of your trip! i really enjoy looking at old houses. what a pretty town!