Saturday, December 10, 2011

Caleb and Christmas

This will be one of my "Grandma" blogs. As I have said before we have only one Grandson. He lived near us until he was almost 4. He now lives quite far away and we visit as often as we can. He is a very delightful and loving little boy. Debbie and Jeff are great parents and it shows through Caleb. We just finished decorating our tree. Now this tree will not win any decorating contests. It is a tree that is filled with memories. Many of the ornaments came from students that I taught over the years. We also collected some from trips that we took. I even have some that were made by my children who are now adults. We have put ornaments with Caleb's picture on the tree every year. I said to Debbie,"What would I do if I had lots of Grandchildren?" She said you would need a special tree just for their pictures.

Caleb's first Christmas!

Number 2

This is year three and he is riding on his new rocking horse. This Christmas had a sad note because Daddy was in Iraq.

Number 4

Number 5

Finally we have last year. We were at their home last year and we had a beautiful snow on Christmas Day. What fun!
Thanks so much for looking and for all your comments!


  1. What a fabulous idea! And what a gorgeous little boy. I think this is a great tradition that you can keep going just about forever. Will you be seeing him for Christmas? I know how hard it is to be away from grandchildren. Ours are in northern California, southern California, Missouri and Colorado. Hard to get them all together.

  2. Dear Barb,
    As I read this post I was chuckling to myself. The pictures of Caleb on the tree are a lovely idea and he is a darling little boy.
    My husband and I have fifeteen grandchildren the oldest being eighteen and the youngest being three months. If I had started this tradition in our family we would probably be on our third tree.
    I hope you get to see Caleb this Christmas. Children are one of the things that make Christmas magical.
    Unfortunately,we won't see nary a one of our fifeteen. We're here in Minnesota and the most of them are in Alaska.
    Merry Christmas and keep your tradition going. You won't regret it.
    Sandra from MN

  3. Caleb is adorable!