The Heron

The Heron

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas decorating!

We finally got back to the Y today. First time since the surgery. I did better than I thought I would. We have done lots of walking and I suppose that has helped.Well, I'm almost finished with my Christmas decorating. I have enough cross stitches that I'm not sure where to put the one I'm working on right now. Maybe I need to do ornaments instead of bigger projects! Well for a few days, this blog will be about the decorating. On Fri. they are having a home tour in the little town where the lighthouse is located. We have agreed to work at the lighthouse for a few hours. I hope to get some good photos, but until then, it's decorating and cross stitch.

I did this one 2 years ago. It's by Shakespeare's Peddler, "A Weary world Rejoices." I did this on 32 ct. not the 40 that is called for. I did change a few colors but can't remember what they were. The designer included an explanation for all the motifs that she chose. I like that.

I always like red houses!

I did this partly because of these words from the song.

Every other year, I put my German things in my dry sink. This year however, I needed a change. Last winter a shop was closing and I got these little houses very cheap! I thought it was the perfect place to put my wonderful Woolpet winter characters. If you have read some of my other blogs, you will know that my daughter is the talented artist who has created these adorable little characters.

I have had that tree with a face for several years . I love his cute little face!!Of course, the snow people and the skiing sheep are all great. Notice the little pine cone person!

Laurie made that cute little pixie throwing a snowball for a show. Before the show, I told her that if it didn't sell, I wanted to buy it. I think that little snowman with the red bird was also one I had eyed before a show. My sweet daughter put them aside and they showed up as my Christmas gifts! Those cute little snow people are the newest additions to my collection.

Thanks so much for joining me. I 'll have more Christmas decorating tomorrow.


  1. your decorations look lovely. That is a beautiful sampler.

  2. i love that sampler and now will be singing that song all day!!! i love your little winter wonderland!

  3. The Woolpets gang is so happy to be in your winter village! It's charming!

  4. I just love the sampler. I think I've seen one almost exactly like that. My mother had one many many years ago. I'm pretty sure it's not the same exactly, but it made me almost jump out of my seat. Your decorations are lovely, I love winter villages. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Love the finish by Shakespeare's Peddler - Wonderful for Christmas !!!