Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

I call this post a little bit of everything because that is exactly what it is! I started with my German things. You'll see a few witches from Halloween. They were either purchased when we were in Germany or sent to me by my Daughter-in-law and Son for Christmas. So I love to have them out each year-for some- twice a year! I also added a bit of decorating and cross stitch to the post.

The two on the left were gifts. Debbie and I went to the Army post a few days before Christmas. We were in Ansbach ,Germany. We bought the little helicopter. They had these because it was an Army post with lots of Blackhawks! The little wizard on the far left came from the Nuremberg Christmas Market.

All the little things came from that great day at the Post. All the nutcrackers and smokers were half price. Debbie has an amazing collection of smokers. The big witch nutcracker was my Christmas gift from the SBA(husband and super blog assistant). It was purchased in Rotenburg,

Isn't that helicopter cute!!!

This is the house all decorated. I live in a neighborhood that likes blow-ups! I like a more classic look!

I even decorate my garden gate.

When we were in Oregon last week we bought some Japanese glass floats. I really like them in this old wooden bowl.

This is a design by Homespun Elegance. I used the recommended threads.

Lots of little French knots!

Santa's beard was made with that floss that is very fuzzy!

The little brass bird reminded me this was a design by Homespun Elegance.

I really like these pillows . The design was "Evergreen" by Blackbird Designs, one of my favorite design teams. They were done on 32ct. antique ivory linen. I'm not sure of the floss because I used what I had. I have a pillow at each end of the sofa.

I hope everyone is getting in the spirit. Every year one of our radio stations raises money for foster children. The last I heard, they had well over $100,000 . I think that's the spirit! Thanks for joining me.


  1. Hi Barb!
    1st- I love your blog design right now, the header, the borders...very pretty.
    2nd-love all the decorating, the house, the nitcrackers.
    3rd-The holiday stitching!!! Wow!
    Happy Friday

  2. oh I have Evergreen! I need to start it someday :) I love getting to know you through your pictures.

  3. I love the blue floats.