Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another Halloween Cross stitch favorite

Well, it really feels like fall this week-end,windy and cool. We even got rain last night. Yes, we really do go through dry periods here in the NW. It feels great to me! I got most of my indoor Halloween decorating done. Since we'll be gone for a few weeks the beginning of Oct. I was happy to get it done. Actually that's just an excuse, I love the Halloween decorating. I 'll show a few things as I go ,but today, it's another cross stitch I did a few years ago. It's called "Wicked Witch" by Hinzeit. I got this while I was visiting my favorite shop in Louisville(mentioned in last post). They had the cute frame to go with it. I used the suggested linen and threads.

The charms came with the pattern.

The Wicked witch herself!

This little door hanger isn't that important except that it was on this piece that I learned how to work on linen. I've been working on linen ever since.

Thanks for joining me . Come back soon to see more Halloween!

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  1. I am thorougly enjoying all of your Halloween pieces. I love this one and that frame is just the perfect finishing touch.