Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Ferry Trip

My husband and I live across Puget Sound from Seattle. I love this because we can live in a fairly rural area with lots of trees and fields yet after a 30min. ferry ride we can be in one of the largest metro areas in the country. Today we took a trip over to Edmonds(about 30 mi. north of Seattle). I decided to show you what a typical ferry ride is like. These are huge boats able to carry 2500 passengers and about 200 cars. It is the largest system in the U.S. and third largest in the world! These boats carry about 11 million passengers a year!

The ferry arrives at Kingston where we will board.

Guess he can't read signs!

We are on the passenger deck-two decks above the cars.

The view as we leave Kingston.

After 25 minutes, we arrive in Edmonds , a lovely little town on the Seattle side of Puget Sound.

The SBA(super blog assistant) always gets a treat when he agrees to go shopping with me.

Shopping done, we line up to get on the ferry and return home.

On the water near Edmonds is a dive park.

The ferry has all the conveniences!

Even a cafeteria(sorry for the blurry photo)

Places to eat your food!

Entertainment for the kids!

We have never seen a whale from the ferry, but our son-in-law saw a pod of orcas!

Quite a stirring of the water as we leave Edmonds.

The boat is driven from up there.

The ferry version of a sun-porch!

Lots of room for those 2500 people(obviously not on the boat today)

Guess he's had a hard day!

This is Seattle from the Kingston/Edmonds ferry.

Here's a view of Seattle from the Seattle/ Bainbridge Ferry( The SBA took this trip earlier last week).

We meet the ferry going the other way!

Getting near Kingston , notice the beautiful Olympics in the background!

Looks like we had an escort today!

The welcoming committee!

Hope you enjoyed seeing a trip on the ferry, and thanks for looking at my blog!!


  1. love the pictures! ya know I'm about 20 minutes from Edmonds .. maybe we could meet up someday :)

  2. what good memories this brings back for me. i loved taking the ferries to all the different islands in the puget sound. we used to rent a houseboat on lake union when we went to seattle!

  3. Thanks for the pics Barb. DH and I love riding the ferry. We need to visit Seattle so that we can ride this one :)