Friday, October 28, 2011

Witch Stories and a few Others!

Today's post is a bit different. I decided to share some of my favorite witch stories and some that are just spooky or sort of! I own most of these, but the first one is from the local library. We do have a great library system. If you like witch stories I hope you get some ideas here. My favorite book isn't here. I have loaned it to a friend. The title is "The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane." I loved this book. First I read it then I listened to the audio tape(several months after I had read the book). If you are interested I'd check this web site

I just finished this book. I did enjoy it. The main character is indeed a witch. This was the first time I heard the expression , hedge witch.

Lot of fun things in this book-even some spells you might want to try. A great history of Halloween!

This book is a collection of stories. This is from the dust cover:" American Witch Stories uses authentic dialogue as it brings to life the activity of witches and their craft , all of which have become an integral part of the folklore of America." A fun book!!!!!

Another fun read. I got it second hand as I think it is out-of-print.

I loved this book because it takes place in a fictional town but one that is based on one of my favorite places, Port Townsend, WA. I'm looking forward to the second novel. It had ghosts not witches.

Super good craft ideas!!!

This book was written by a local author. I love the illustrations.

Since we spend lots of time in Huntsville, AL, my dear daughter-in-law picked this one out for me as a Christmas gift!

I love the cover,not so much the poems.

We've had this book for years. Again more about ghosts than witches.

A light cozy mystery that I'm reading now.

There is even a story about my town, Poulsbo in this book.

A book about the Salem witch trials,loaned to me by a friend.

I haven't read too many of these stories as yet.

We lived in Louisville for several years and visited Old Louisville fairly often.

More Ghost stories!

My son gave me this for Christmas years ago.

Another Christmas gift, this time from m y daughter! Guess my kids know me!

This is my next read!!!! Looks good to me.

I think I'll do a few favorite witches and some cross stitch witches tomorrow. Thanks for having a look.


  1. Great post Barb! Lots of great books!
    Let me know what you think of A Discovery Of Witches.

  2. Nice collection! and what a great idea to share all of your witch books!