Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Woolpets Plus Witches!!!

Today's special "Witch" blog highlights all my Woolpet witches and a few others my daughter has made for me. Laurie is a very talented wool sculptor. She started a business called "Woolpets." where her sculptures are sold. She and Kevin(my son-in-law) have a great business going, Laurie being the artist and Kevin the businessman! She has made these wonderful witches for me. Sometimes they are a gift for an event like Christmas and at other times she just gives me one!(LUCKY ME!!!!!) I hope you enjoy these wonderful witches!!!
This is the first one she made for me. This beauty sits on the top of my Halloween tree.

Laurie is planning to illustrate children's books. Her main character is a sheep much like this one called Hazel. You can meet Hazel at a blog called"Hazel, Basil, Pudding Pie."

She's almost too cute to be a witch!!!!

This cutie has her black cat. Just today, Laurie gave me those adorable pumpkins.!!!

The latest addition to my wool witches, I got her today! What a nice treat!

Love that spider dress!

Laurie made this witch several years ago. I still think she's cute!
Join me again tomorrow to see more witches!!

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  1. Thanks for highlighting the Woolly Witches from Woolpets! They are very happy to live in a home where they are appreciated and honored.