Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cloth witches plus one!

Well, this post shows more of my witch collection. Not thinking of a better name , I'll call it cloth witches plus the great wreath I have over the mantel. The first one is another gift from my dear daughter and son-in-law. She came at Christmas one year. We better not disturb her as she is having her morning coffee in her pumpkin mug! She has two lives, one just sitting there having her coffee and the other as a Folkmanis Witch Puppet.

I don't remember the artist who did this but it was ordered by the SBA several years ago at a craft fair in Sharonville , Ohio. It came as a surprise birthday gift!

Love those hands!

I put two matching witch pillows on my couch each October.

Here is a close up. The design is a Shepherd's Bush from the "Be A" series. I think I used the recommended fabric and thread. I did these 3 years ago.

This wreath came from the same craft show that I mentioned with the previous witch. I think the painting is really well done. This goes over my mantel each October.

Moon and Bats!!!

Here is my newest addition to the cloth witch collection. I bought her in a great new age shop in Ohio.

Don't you just love that face??!!

Join me tomorrow for more witches!!!


  1. i have the same witch in the first picture! i just got some really cool new ones in salem. great collection and i really enjoy seeing it.

  2. I haven't seen the newest Witch yet (the last photo on your blog). She's adorable!