Monday, October 24, 2011

Witches from Germany

Welcome to my week of witches. A started collecting many years ago. It is such a fun collection. Many family members have contributed. The first group that I'm going to share are my German witches. Our Son and Daughter-in-law were stationed in Germany several years ago. We visited them at Christmas time. It was quite amazing for two people who had never been out of the U.S. Rather than write a lot here, I think I'll tell about each one as they come up.

We went to the market at Nuremberg. I feel pretty sure that is where Debbie picked this out for me. It made a very special Christmas gift. It is a smoker. At Christmas time the Germans put incense inside these and the smoke comes out in various places depending on the smoker. This little guy has a pipe. It was made by Christian Ulbricht. He is very well known as a talented designer.

The wonderful SBA bought me this for Christmas. It represents the Russian Baba Yaga.

As you can see, each part opens to a new part. I love the witches house with chicken legs. I used the book "Boney Legs" with 1st grade when I taught so it brings back happy memories.

My dear daughter sent me this cute little German witch one year for Halloween!

This was part of another Christmas gift from Debbie and Jeff when they were in Germany. I hang her on my tree.

This cute little ornament is a Steinbach. As you can see, many German witches are not dressed in the traditional "witch" outfit!

The year we were in Germany for Christmas , the SBA bought this wonderful nutcracker for me. She is a Holzknackl from the Kathe Wohlfahrt Christmas store in Rotenburg ob der Tauber, a beautiful old walled city!!!

This cutie was a anniversary gift from the SBA. We found her on ebay. She was designed by Christian Ulbricht. The bottom says Handmade in Germany. In this case, the smoke would come from the caldron.

Here is another wonderful Christmas gift from Debbie and Jeff. The bottom says Erzgebirgische Holzkunst Gahlenz GmbH RuT. Made in Germany. She is a bit more traditional in her clothing.

Last but not least, another Christmas gift from the SBA. We got this in a small gift shop here in Poulsbo that carried lots of things made in Germany. She definitely looks traditional and the smoke comes from her pot.
I have enjoyed sharing my German witches . Join me tomorrow for another group of witches from my collection.

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